The 3 best ways to use extra eggs.

What to do with extra eggs from your homestead chickens?

Is your egg storage quickly filling up, and with the whole family tiring of everyday egg based meals you are looking for anything, literally anything to use your eggs up with?

Well search no further, in the following article we will list the top three ways to use chicken eggs to create something the whole family will enjoy.


Meringues are a tasty treat that can be served with freshly whipped cream, an assortment of summer berries and a sprinkling of brown sugar. As an egg based dessert, they are a good way of quickly using up the eggs, and not having them go to waste. Taking only half an hour to prepare, for a small batch of meringue, it requires 4 large egg whites and 115g of caster sugar. Then all you have to do is whip it together in a bowl, even easier if you have tools such as kitchen aids, and then cook it for 1 – 2 hours.

Because it is such a low maintenance recipe, it is perfect to get the whole family involved with, perfect for younger aspiring home chefs.


Perhaps one of the most obvious choices, not only using up to a dozen eggs, the classic “egg pie” can be a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. Best eaten hot, any spare vegetables laying around, can also be used in the quiche making it the perfect way to use up any spare ingredients.

On top of being another low maintenance recipe, the quiche is also very tasty. In my opinion, served with a fresh cup of orange juice and some fresh fruit, quiches can be an excellent start to a morning. As an added bonus, quiches can be kept for up to four day refrigerated, and 4 months if frozen. This makes them a great alternative for packed lunch sandwiches, or a health work snack.

Chocolate mousse

No one can complain when facing a freshly made bowl of chocolate mousse, even the fussy eaters of the family will be asking for more of this light, rich and chocolatey dessert. Although this recipe only uses three eggs, it is a surefire way to ensure that nothing is left over and wasted.

Made in a similar way to the meringue, the preparation of the mousse largely consists of adding ingredients and whipping it. This makes it a perfect recipe for home baking and is a fun and easy way to spend an afternoon.

Furthermore, the ingredients for this are relatively cheap, and the recipe uses the whole egg, not just the egg whites or yolk.

So, there are three ways to use leftover eggs from your poultry