How many eggs does a Narragansett Turkey lay?

Narragansett Turkeys, best known for their early maturation, excellent meat quality and egg production, come in a patterned combination of black, tan, gray and white. It is not a rarity to see white wing bars, but only originated from those bred in the United States. This is due to a genetic mutation. This pattern is not dissimilar to that of the Bronze turkey.

These birds are very hardy and a defining tribute of this breed is its calm disposition and excellent temperament. Turkey is tolerant of almost all reasonable climates and is the perfect “grow at home” Heritage Turkey.

The Narragansett turkey can fly well, run quickly and low branching trees are their preferred roosting place. Excellent at foraging, they generally feed on insects, crickets and grasshoppers, however if they are being reared domestically, they should be maintained with a supplement feed.

A female Narragansett Turkey is known as a hen, whilst the males are referred to as Toms. A hen can typically weigh in at around 14-18 lbs, whilst the Tom can weigh anywhere between 23-33 lbs. In comparison to other breeds of Turkey, this is a medium, or in some cases large, bird.

Female Narragansett Turkeys will lay once a year between February to April. In their clutches, they can lay between 10-12 eggs, which, if fertilised, will lay in 28 days after incubation begins.

The Turkeys will become sexually mature at 5 to 6 months of age, however will begin to lay their clutches, laying eggs every other day, beginning at 6 to 7 months of age.