Homebasedfarming acquired towerhomesteadguestranch.com

We are pleased to announce that HomeBasedFarming has acquired another fantastic blog in the homesteading area, towerhomesteadguestranch.com. Tower Homestead Guest Ranch was a large homestead in California.


There blog went into details of their chickens, turkeys, cattle, lambs and their home-grown produce. We will over the next few weeks move all the great content regarding their fantastic homestead information across to our site. Just like us, towerhomesteadguestranch.com loved farming, growing their homestead stories and sharing their home based farming experiences with their readers.


Homebasedfarming.com will use their information to enhance our stories and information regarding our heritage turkeys, chickens, poultry, vegetable farming and many other topics. We are proud that we can continue their fantastic efforts by bringing their information across and keeping their tips on farming, rearing animals and growing food across to our site.

We believe that all homesteads, small farms and small holders should share their experiences and knowledge to become one big community. We are pleased to be able to continue towerhomesteadguestranch.com’s great work. ¬†